Barrel Perc Incycler Oil Rig Othership


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    Joint Type: 14.5mm Female

    Height: 9 inches

    • Incycler Rig
    • Clear Glass
    • Barrel Perc
    • Includes Glass Nail
    • Bent Neck
    • Concentrate Rig

    • Barrel Perc Incycler
    • Unmarked Glass
    • 14mm Joint
    • Dewar’s Joint
    • Flared Mouthpiece
    • Female Joint

    A truly beautiful piece deserves a spot in your dab station. The big showerhead perc on this concentrate rig really diffuses the your smoke and gives you a silky smooth hit even when you put a monster glob on your nail. Pick this baby up and get to forming those clouds all over the place. Free shipping all day son

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