Top 5 Dab Rigs Under $100 for 2017

Everyone loves a good deal and us here at Dab Emporium are certainly no different. When searching for dab rigs under $100, it is important to take quality into account since many times, a shop will try to sell low-quality pieces at these prices. Dab Emporium works hard to hold our suppliers to the highest standards and make sure our rigs are premium quality, even if they are at a low price.

Our inventory is constantly growing, but the current crop of cheap dab rigs is really on point so we figured we would bring you the dopest budget rigs for 2017. Let us know what you think or you can pop over to our section for affordable rigs and see if you like some of the pieces not listed here.


1. Classic Black Nectar Collector 

The classic black nectar collector is one of the coolest pieces around. The compact design make it easy to carry on the go and the portability has revolutionized dabbing. Having the flexibility to take it with you hiking, to festivals, or anywhere that an outside dab makes it the perfect tool for any dabber who loves the outdoors. The nectar collector comes with a jar and assortment of tips so you can always get the type of smoking experience you prefer, whether it’s titanium or quartz nails. Another accessory that goes perfectly with this nectar collector is a larger silicone container to replace the dish. Since the silicone container can take heat over 600 degrees Fahrenheit in short bursts! rig.





Micro dab rig 1

2. Micro Dab Rig

The micro rig is the perfect dab rig for the all the people who need to keep their dabbing on the sly. At just under 5 inches tall, this little rig can easily fit inside your sock drawer and stay out of the way, in case you need to hide it from your kids or want to keep your roommate from hogging your rig. With a 10mm male joint, you can still get a sizeable quartz banger on there and take surprisingly fat rips for such a small package. This has been one of the favorite styles in the Dab Emporium office and we highly recommend checking this one out for yourself!






pyramid perc dab rig 13. The Great Pyramid Percolator

The Great Pyramid is cloud blowing beast. This thing is no joke and comes with an 18mm female joint that lets you know she means business from the jump. The large percolator really cools the smoke down so that you can pull clouds and get a smooth rip every time. At 7 inches tall and with a wide mouthpiece, this is the perfect rig to get your crew as lit as possible when you’re having a session.







scientific art dab rig 44. The Hole In One

The Hole In One is one of the most unique pieces we have in our showroom and love the style of this rig with its circular donut shape that acts as somewhat of a recycler and cools the smoke an extra bit. The colors on this rig really pop in person and the green and red accents are a classic color combination that will have your friends complimenting this rig for sure. The perc at the bottom is perfect for a rig this size and while it may be priced low, it still has a ton of style and function that will make you remember the deal you got every time you take a dab.






scientific beaker dab rig 25. Scientific Beaker Dab Rig Dab Rig

Our Scientific Beaker Dab Rig is great looking and sports the giant matrix perc that looks awesome and cools smoke super efficiently. With the white accents, this rig is really understated but looks aweasome in a dab station. The scientific beaker looks is so hot right now and really makes your dabbing corner look like a legit science laboratory. Sporting a 14mm female joint, this rig is prime for a nice quartz banger to start blowing cloud, for science!

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