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    As far as build quality, the Switch is a flat out great vaporizer. It is built well so feels weighty and completely stable. The 50mil top piece (mouthpiece)  is made out of glass and sits right on top of the vaporizer. The Heady Glass mouthpiece even feels quite stable sitting on top of the base.  The quality of the vapor is just like everything else about this machine – amazing!  

    Dr Dabber SWITCH


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     Performance is the single most important  thing when it comes to any vaporizer in my opinion. Yeah you’re vape  might look and feel spectacular, but if it doesn’t perform well then it  doesn’t matter much at all. Not only does the Dr Dabber Switch look and  feel amazing, the performance is outstanding!It's a different  vaporizing experience than what you may be used to. I would  compare it more to the bong rip of vaporizers as opposed to a more drawn out, slower experience that what other vaporizers offer. 


    "Ultra High" Class, make a statement about your passion for life! Only the best will do. Indulge yourself in the Brand New Dr.Dabber Switch. This State Of The Art Dab Rig will make you glad to be Alive!

    The Worlds Best

    We have tried them all and only a few select "Ultra High" Class Vaporizers, Hand Tools and Dab Rigs will make the cut here at DabEmporium. We have wasted thousands through trial and error, mostly on poorly performing inferior products. We took the hit so you dont have to!


    When Folks enter Dab Emporium, they immediately recognize our affection for the finer things in life, if you are prepared, and are age 21 or older, you may enter the Dab Emporium here. I want you to know your money will be well invested.

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    Nobody Needs to know your business. What you do on your life's Journey is  your business and nobody else. Your personal Information is Never sold or dispersed. Everybody at DabEmporium wishes you health, peace and happiness. Live life to the fullest! Enjoy!

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